Amazing big update patch 85!!! 10/09/2019

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    Demon's Wheel Dungeon is reopening its doors while patch 85 is live


** Event period **
11 September 2019 (After MA) - 24 October 2019 (Before MA)

[ Dungeon requirement ]

  • Lv. recommend : 65+
  • Lv. gear : 446
  • Adventure coin : 145
  • Party : 5 Players
  • Difficulty : 3 star


    When you defeat monsters in Demon's Wheel you will have a chance to get Demon Box which requires Demoros's Mystery Key to unlock it.



 You can acquire Demoros's Mystery Key from...

   - Free 10 Demoros's Mystery Key in Parcel Post (1time/1day)

   - Federation Shop (Demoros's Mystery Key 5 ea : 85 Federation bill)


** Notice **
Warp portal is near Allamentheia (on the right)




    You will face many more insect creatures so be ready for fighting against them.


[ Dungeon requirement ]

  • Rift's Edge (Normal)
    [] Lv. recommend : 65+
    [] Gear lv. : 445
    [] Adventure coin : 200
    [] Maximum party : 5 Players
    [] Difficulty : 4 star


  • Rift's Edge (Hard)
    [] Lv. recommend : 68+
    [] Gear lv. : 456
    [] Adventure coin : 200
    [] Maximum party : 10 Players
    [] Difficulty : 5 star




[ Guide ]

  • - When you defeat Wandering Caiman, it has a chance to spawn Tenebrara portal.
  • - You can enter to The Arzart Hatchery from that portal.


 ** Tenebrara portal will disappear **


    In side dungeon, you will meet NPC Allashane. For starting the dungeon, you have to speak with Allashane and she will give a mission to you to eliminate some monsters. There is some benefit from killing monsters during the mission

          1. Desire for life (From killing a larva)
             Restore HP and MP duration 15 sec

          2. Repellent (from destroying stone debris)
             Damage to monsters in radius around the stone duration 30 sec

    After complete the mission boss monster will spawn at the center, you have to kill it for claiming valuable loots!!!


 Naga Guard’s Belongings (random)





















     When eliminate BAM or monster level 65+, it has a chance to spawn Wandering Caiman. You have to kill it before it disappears (the portal will spawn after Wandering Caiman dead randomly)

[Recommend] Hunting field
Balder’s Refuge Essenian Crest
Sienna Canyon Celestial Hills
Ex Prima Island of Dawn
Blessing Basin Timeless Woods





          • Guide

          1. Collect Left/Right Half of an Intelligence Report 1 each

- Left Half can be found in dungeon gear level 435 ~ 445
- Right Half can be found in dungeon gear level 446 ~ 458

          2. When you have both Left and Right then click on left to combine them together.

          3. You will receive “Intelligence Report Revelation”


 After using Intelligence Report Revelation you will get a random mission map.

Ascension Valley Deathfrost Plains Adderkin Jungle Screaming Snowfield
Mount Tyrannas Frost Wastes Grim Coast  

          4. It will tell you the roughly walking path of the wagon.

          5. Go and find the wagon that written down on the item

          6. If you found the wagon please use Intelligence Report Revelation


          7. All spy monster will show themselves.

          8. You cannot attack the leader until you clear all subordinates

          9. The leader will automatically move out then attacking you (now you can fight back)

          10. After the leader has been eliminated you would get “Naga Captain's Belongings”


 Naga Captain's Belongings (random)

Infirnity Mask Ticket Onset Mask Ticket
Design: Golden Plate Design: Silver Plate
Design: Golden Daric Design: Silver Siglo
Golden Plate Silver Plate
Golden Daric Silver Siglo
Supreme Metal Metamorphic Emblem
Diamond Emerald
Blightoath Medallion  





     Mystery Merchant will randomly open the shop in Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator or Highwatch.


** Mystery Merchant will randomly appear for a short period. **


[ Note ]

          1. All item that NPC sell can only be traded with Mystery Market Coin

          2. Mystery Market Coin comes from
              - Dungeon that require gear level 435+
              - Ghilieglade Dungeon

          3. When Mystery Merchant ready to sell item, message will prompt at the center of your screen.

          4. Goblin will sell Mystery Market Coin for 5 minutes after that it will disappear and Mystery Merchant will ready to sell items





     You can change your companion appearance [Companion Appearance Change Voucher] to another pet or partner whatever you like.


[ Guide ]

          1. Right click on Companion's Appearance Change Voucher.

          2. Choose your main companion (left side) then choose what appearance you want (right side).

          3. When everything ready please click on change (system will ask you to confirm).





     Update new skin system for all partner (Loo, Marie, Kuncun and Cocomin) Now on sale at TERA Store!!!


[ Guide ]

          1. Right click on the item, it will automatically equip on your partner.

          2. After using it you can unequip anytime if you want to use the default skin.

** Notice **
You cannot apply a partner skin to a partner that you do not acquire.





     Patch 85 we add new inventory system called Pocket. It will be separated from your main inventory.

          1. Total pocket tabs are 3 tabs
          2. Pocket tab will start with free 16 slots (8 slot x 2 rows)
              - It can be increased by using pocket expansion token
              - Maximum is 80 slots (10 rows)

[ Additional requirement ]

For unlock a pocket tab 3 you have to complete a quest from NPC Getty [level 66]





    In patch 85, We add more function such as, filter and search system.




      1. Add function time-stamp in option menu

      2. Add function damage font transparency

      3. Add function Receive all in parcel post

      4. Add [?] button when you use Village Atlas or Travel Journal for seeing on-going quest marks on the map.

      5. Add Trade Broker notification at character selection menu





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