Announcement for Server Merge 27/08/2019

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Announcement for Server Merge

   We have a big news announce to all players that is server merge!!! Everything that you need to know and be prepared, we sum up and put all together in the following table


Date : 5 September, 2019 (After MA)

Detail : Merging 2 servers (Elinu and SEA) to become ???


Head Description

Character slots

Limit 22 character slots.

You might need to arrange your character slots before the merge,If you have more characters than character slots following the merge, you won’t be able to join the game until all surplus characters have been deleted.

We strongly recommend that you check all characters that you might want to delete and remove all items you want to keep from their inventories and banks.


1.if you have 10 character slots on Elinu and 8 character slots on SEA, you will have 10 slots available on merged server.

2.If you have 2 characters on Elinu and 2 characters on SEA before the merge but you have 3 character slots on both server. All 4 characters will appear on new server, but you will have to delete 1 of them before you are able to play.

Time limit for deleting surplus characters is 30 days upon the first login after the merge. After 30 days, all characters in the deletion queue will be automatically removed from your account."

Character name

If character name already exist in both server, one of these character will need to change its name.

Example: There is character name Playwith on both servers. Who gonna be the one keeping its name on the new server must follow these main factors.

1. The character must active over the last 30 days before the merge.

2. If both characters active the last 30 days, the playtime considers who going to keep the name.

3. Other character will have a random numbers added to the end of their names, e.g. Playwith_15547 and you can rename it at the character selection menu with no cost.

Name on friend list

Every character name will be remain on the list. If your name is forced to change, your old name will be automatically replaced by a new name.

BuddyUp Code

BuddyUp code will be reset following the merge. Friends that have already been accepted will still be in the list and will also receive their reward.


- All items in your inventory will transfer to the new server with your character.

- All items stored in the bank will be transfer to the new server. If there is not enough space, additional slots will be temporarily added. These items in the additional slots will not have an expire date, but you will not be able to use them.

- Items which are bound to a character which is deleted before the merge still remain bound to that character. Which means you are not be able to use it with another character.

- All Wardrobe Expansion and all items stored in Wardrobe will be remain the same. If there is not enoug space, additional slots will be temporarily added.These items in the additional slots will not have an expire date, but you will not be able to use them. Temporary tabs in thw Wardrobe have only 4 which means surplus items will be deleted. We recommend you check your Wardrobe in advance before the merge.

- All your items in the brokerage will be transferred to the new server. Our suggestion is remove your items from brokerage before the merge to prevent any unexpected problem. - Items and gold in the pockets of your inventory pets will be transferred to the new server along with your character.

- Your post and other items in Parcel post will also be transferred to the new server. However, there is a possibility of attached items disappearing if sender has deleted their character. We reccommend you to collect all items in your mail box before the merge.

- All items in your item Claim will remain the same.

- Saved gear sets will be reset.


- Guild members, guild banks and everything will be transferred. However, some players might have to delete their characters. As a result, it might lead to only one player remaining in the guild, meaning the guild no longer has sufficient members. This would result in any items in the guild bank being lost. You should therefore check and manage your guild and guild bank before deleting characters for the server merge.

- The older guild will remain its name, the newer guild will have to change its name by in-game function.

- GvG status log will not be transferred.

- The special highlights around your guild logo(gold,silver and bronze wreaths) will not be transferred. "


- Reputation/Vanguard points will remain the same.

- Your settings for skill hotkeys, chained skills, shortcut key skills, etc. are all bound to your character and do not have to be set up again. However, UI settings, e.g. the position of the skill bar, chat window, or the compass, might need to be set again.

- The talents will be taken from the server where you have the most progress.

- All achievements and titles will remain the same.

- All PvP rankings will be reset.



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