NewPatch V.82 Ready Battle Now 22/05/2019

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Patch Note: Version 82 “Popori Brawler”

New Class

Players can select “Popori Brawler”.


Add Dungeon Complete Gossamer Vault (Hard)

- Gear level requirement: 457
- Teleport locate at Essenian Crest, Essenia

Modify difficulty of Gossamer Valut

- Slightly decreased HP of the Boss in the dungeon
- Slightly decreased the boss pattern difficulty


Radiant Ring & Radiant Earring

     Players can upgrade from Ethereal level and the upgrading materials can find from Dungeon Complete Gossamer Vault (Hard)

Materials for upgrading:

- Golden Plate
- Silver Plate
- Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust


Wintera snowfield

Change the reward
Winner: 130,000 and Loser: 43,000

Add Treasure map

     Item Treasure Map can get by combined Naslow’s Treasure Map: Left Half and Right Half together.

- Naslow’s Treasure Map: Left Half can find from dungeon level 435-445 and Naslow’s Treasure Map: Right Half can find from dungeon level 446-456 and combine together to Naslow’s Treasure Map.

- Naslow’s Treasure Map Treasure Map [???] will random the place of the treasure. Players need to find the location in the clue then can use Naslow’s Treasure Map. The treasury divides to Wooden, Silver, Gold.

- The reward will be upgrading materials, exp booster, etc.

- The left and right half of the treasure map will remove within 15 days after players got the time.

Skill & Balance


Focus Heal – skill polishing speed option, Light if weakening option

- Slightly increased time necessary to detect players within range
- Slightly increased casting speed

Divine Intervention and Lethal’s Touch

- Increased the speed at which party members are pulled towards caster.


Titanic Favor - skill polishing speed option, Ruin option

- Slightly increased time necessary to detect players within range.
- Slightly increased casting speed
- Slightly fastened period to cancel post-animation

Arun’s Vitae – Glyph of restoration

- Change recovery from 20% to 35,000
- Revised to not use cooldown upon cancelling skill


Slightly decreased aggro obtained from the following skills:

- Ice Lance
- Vision Fierce
- Uplift of Glacier
- Firework of the Beginning
- Fusion


- Added option to vertical align HP/MP UI
- HP/MP UI can now be vertically displayed as two columns
- Option is available through UI options
- Added dice display on rolling items

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