Koinobori Gacha Flying Skill Japanese Style 29/04/2019

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Koinobori Gacha Flying Skill Japanese Style
New Item From TERA Store On May

     Celebrate Boy’s festival Japanese style with Koinobori or carp flag. You can riding or flying into sky group or single carp. TERA Store sale new item “Koinobori Gacha” May 2 - 16, 2019. Hope everyone will be lucky for random. Don’t miss for ownner them and if you interesting please read continue.

TERA Store Update!!

Koinobori Gacha
Koinobori Gacha x5


Peroid Sale: Start May 2 (After MA), 2019 to May 16 (Before MA), 2019 [GMT+7]
Price of Koinoburi Gacha: 500 P Cash
Price of Koinoburi Gacha x5: 2,000 P Cash

Detail item list: Open this gachapon you will random receive 1 item by the following item list.

- Flying Skill: Rare Mix Koinobori [1 ea]
- Flying Skill: Rare Red Koinobori [1 ea]
- Flying Skill: Rare Blue Koinobori [1 ea]
- Flying Skill: Rare Black Koinobori [1 ea]
- Flying Skill: Red Koinobori [1 ea]
- Flying Skill: Blue Koinobori [1 ea]
- Flying Skill: Black Koinobori [1 ea]
- Superior Noctenium Refiner [Random 2~5 ea]
- Noctenium Infusion [Random 500~2,000 ea]
- Dyad Niveot Structure [1 ea]
- Metamorphic Emblem [Random 400~1,500 ea]
- Crystalbind [Random 3~5 ea]
- Bravery Potion [Random 3~7 ea]
- Complete Veteran Crystalbind (6 Hrs.) [1 ea]
- Raw Moonlight Fruit [2 ea]
- Enchanting Chest [Random 10~15 ea]
- Fried fish [1 ea]
- Grill fish [2 ea]
- Sapphire [Random 2~3 ea]
- Pearl [Random 3~8 ea]
- Golden Talent [Random 50~150 ea]
- Silver Talent [Random 50~150 ea]


- Flying Duration 694
- When summon restores 1% of your character HP/MP every second

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Every Flying Skill item or Gachapon box in here can trade or brokerage

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