Patch Note V.81 Pet evolve to Partner and Parquina Dungeon 24/04/2019

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Patch Note V.81 Pet evolve to Partner
and New Dungeon Parquina

New Feature: Partner System

     You can start the quest when reach to level 66, the quest “Soul Egg” can receive with NPC Lumin at Highwatch. You will get (Partner) Coco Mingming when you accomplish the quest.

Partner can support many things for the players,

1. Partner has own skill which we can use every 3 minutes (this skill cannot change).
2. Each partner will have different special ability which is random. The special skill cannot change but can random the special ability again by using item “Partner Gifted Skill Change Voucher” which can purchase in Federation Bill Shop.
3. Players can combine the partner skill to other partner but partner on the right side will be deleted.
4. The partner can promote and grow higher level and xp.

Partner Stamina

     When you summon partner, the stamina will decrease every 1 minute. You can increase stamina by right click at Partner screen and use the pet food. The pet food can find by crafting (purchase recipe from NPC Manufacturing Trader in menu Other Design purchase), NPC Merchant and High grade pet food from Federation Bill shop.


New pet system will have 10 level and can increase the level by using these items

1. Materials for upgrading
2. Materials from gathering
3. Merge items
4. Relic and Hallow
5. Crystal
6. Item Candy for Pet

Pet Evolution

     Only the pet level 10 can evolve by using Evolution Gem and Gold. Evolution Gem can find by purchasing recipe from Alchemy Merchant in menu Jewelry Design. The result can be success and failure. If evolution fail, pet level will decrease.



Dungeon Update

- Add new dungeon Parquina’s Nest (Level 66 above) 3 Star dungon, Gear level 453, using 290 Coin of Adventure to enter.

Parquina’s Nest



Location: Essenia (can use Parquina’s Nest Teleport Scroll)
Difficulty: 3 Star
Level requirement: Lv. 66 - 70
Max Party member: 5 Players
Gear Level: Lv. 453

Boss: Perva, Parquina

Perva The Vice Boss

Parquina The Big Boss

Item Drop:

- Skill Training Advanced Experience Party I [Boss]
- Mask of Transcendent
- Accessory Amplifying Agent I
- Crystal of World
- Diamond
- Final Element
- Mystery Potion
- Old Supply
- Devil’s Toenails
- Dragon’s Skull


Improve Balance Skill

Class: Archer

Find Weakness >>> Changed to apply effect on target 100% of the time

Class: Sorcerer

Fusion >>> Increased casting speed of Primal Flame, Iceberg, Arcane Storm, Elemental Fusion by 10% and increased projectile speed of Primal Flame, Iceberg by 10%

Class: Reaper

Shadow Reaping >>> Changed to decrease time between casting animation and the next motion

Class: Priest

Final Reprisal >>> Slightly increased chain duration after using Triple Nemesis, Zenobia’s Vortex
Mana Charge >>> Changed MP restored per charging stage from 3%-8% (ratio) to 232-619 (value)
Words of Lethal >>> Changed MP restored per charging stage from 3%-8% (ratio) to 232-774 (value)

Class: Mystic

Metamorphic Smite >>> Slightly increased chain duration after using Metamorphic Blast
Arun’s Vitae >>> Increased expiration time to 180 seconds
Arun’s Tears >>> Increased expiration time to 180 seconds and changed MP restored from 20% (ratio) to 1546 (value)
Thrall of Life >>> Changed MP restored from 10% (ratio) to 773 (value) during [Thrall Transform]

Class: Brawler

Rampage >>> Increased casting speed by 10% and decreased movement distance from 20m to 8m

Class: Lancer

Leash >>> Increased range of leash

Class: Warrior

Rising Fury (EP) >>> apply increase of casting on both 1st and 2nd hit and Changed casting speed increase from 50% to 25%

Class: Berserker

Lethal Strike >>> Skill damage increases relatively between 50-100% HP and
Skill damage decreases relatively below 50% when using Axe for defense will use MP 50

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