New Tera Member Update to Premium for New Patch Max Lv. 70 28/03/2019

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New Tera Member Update to Premium
Welcome to New Patch Max Lv. 70

     Regarding to releasing the new patch Level 70 expansion on March 28th, 2019, there are many systems change. One of the most important changing is Dungeon entry system. It will change to Adventure Coin system. Each dungeon required different Adventure Coin to enter. If players have enough Adventure Coin, they can enter more and more until insufficient adventure coin. The adventure coin will slightly recover until max.

New Tera Member

Price: 3,990 Tera Cash

Tera Member Benefit

- 100% XP Boost (1 Hour) access
- Earnest Money: 2%
- Trading brokerage fee: 10%
- Brokerage Registration Number: 50
- Broker’s price negotiation: Available
- Decrease cooldown of instance & increase instance entries
- Increases maximum number and charging speed of Adventure Coin
- Apply instance Beginner System
- Apply XP Boost and EP Boost
- Increased item XP gains
- Can access to Velik’s Sanctuary

Tera Member Item Benefit

- Travel Journal
- Village Atlas
- Elite Velik’s Opportunity
- Summon Gomi Rainbow Wings Pig
- Rapid XP Potion (100%)

New Premium Tera Member

Price 4990 Tera cash

Premium Tera Member Benefit is similar with Tera Member PLUS totally Federation Bill x2,490

When you purchase Premium Tera Member, you will receive [Member Pass] Daily Federation Bill Pocket (1,050) x1 in Item Claim menu.

And you can click the icon [Member Pass] Daily Federation Bill Pocket to get Federation Bill x48 every day (cool time 24 hours).

If you are Premium Tera Member, you will get totally Federation Bill x2,490 for Free!


For Guardians who already purchased Tera Member before March 28th, 2019 9:00 AM and still have Tera Member Left. We will promote your benefit to be Premium Tera Member by date and time you have left.


After update patch Level 70 expansion, if you are Premium Tera Member, you might not purchase Tera Member. Because the system will use only one higher benefit level. If you would like to change from Premium Tera Member to Tera Member, please wait until benefit expired.


**Patch Note V.80**

System Update

- Increase Max level to 70
- Add new story and quest Nightmare’s Beginning which is the next story from Velika Banquet
- Add monster level 65+ in many maps and modify item drop from monsters
- Change the effect dropping rare item 

Nightmare’s Beginning

     Through the breathless efforts of our Guardians, Velika has been saved from calamity, and it seemed as though Arborea was once again at peace.

However, this was merely a skirmish, and a prelude to another war that would befall on Arborea.

     Citizens of Arborea began falling ill by a mysterious disease crystalizing their bodies, and a massive gray fortress descended upon Arborea initiating an invasion.

     You as Guardians and member of the Valkyon Federation will attempt to save Arborea from this incoming storm.

     This patch Nightmare’s Beginning will expand Max Level from 65 to 70 and also increase the monsters’ level in many maps. Adding new Vanguard Request to concur these monsters. The items dropping will modify to better items reward.

Dungeon Update

Coin of adventure

Added "Adventure Toke" point system used to enter dungeons. Basic maximum points is 1,000 points (1,680 points for Premium Tera member and Tera member).  Players can check how many coins usage per dungeon in UI Matching.

Adventure Token points restore 3 points every 3 minutes regardless of login status (4 points every 3 minutes for Premium Tera member and Tera member).

Add 7 persons dungeons as below list:

1. Emptiness Antaros’s Illusion (Item Level 447)
2. Twisted Leander’s Underground Hall (Item Level 446)
3. Fort of The Pitch Black Tenebris (Item Level 444)

Applied low level dungeon can solo more easily.

Add Ace Dungeon

Lilith’s Keep (Solo) Item Level 431+

Close Dungeon

- Sabex Armory
- Macellarius Catacombs

Field Boss monster

Add new 3 Field Boss Monster

1. Ortan
2. Khazar
3. Kallos

They will spawn in Ch.1 in the specific map and random time spawn. There will be announcement when these bosses re-spawn. 

Item Reward from Field Boss Monsters

The last hit player will be the only one who get the reward. Players can’t see Field Boss HP. The last hit player name and guild will announce in the screen.

Add Skill Training System

Players can level up Skill training and can exchange the point to upgrade skill as below.

- Players can upgrade the skill when level reach to 66, 68, 70. It will require Skill Training Scroll I, II, III, some amount of Gold and Training Skill 1 Point for each upgrade level.

 - Players can unlock the skill when level reach to 67 and 69. They can unlock with 3 options and it requires Skill Option Opening Scroll I, II with some amount of Gold to unlock.

Combine Scroll

1. Skill Training Scroll I x7 can combine to Skill Training Scroll III x1
2. Skill Training Scroll II x7 can combine to Skill Training Scroll III x1
3. Skill Option Opening Scroll I x3 can combine to Skill Training Scroll III x1
4. Skill Option Opening Scroll II x3 can combine to Skill Training Scroll III x1 

Infusing Equipment System

Adding the new Infusion Equipment System to merge 2 equipment together.  Successful merge will apply a portion of the fodder Equipment’s options to main Equipment.

Equipment which can add the option

- Cold metal gear : 1 option
- Howling Rage gear : 2 options
- Solemn Vow gear : 2 options

Material search

- Cold Metal Gear : Dungeon / normal maps
- Howling Rage Gear : Dungeon / normal maps
- Solemn Vow Gear : Field Boss 

New Equipment

Add new equipment which can add 2 slots Relic and Halidom.

- New equipment can get from story quest, dungeon and field boss monster
Upgrading Relic and Halidom need to be the same level only.

Modify Skill & Balance


- Rapid Slash >>> Increased skill damage by 5% to 15% per charging stage
- Cold in Blood >>> If you are in status Cold in blood, the skill Overhand Strike is no cooldown
- Hard Strike >>> Increased skill damage by 35%
- Whirlwind >>> Increased distance moved by 20%


- Congestion >>> Changed cooldown to 3 minutes 40 seconds
- Congestion: Double hand >>> Increased skill damage by 15% and Increased movement distance by 2 times
- Congestion: Left/Right hand >>> Increased movement distance by 2 times
- Madness Cry >>> Changed to be able to use skill up to two times during Congestion


- Binding Sickle >>> Decreased skill effect 


- Healing Immersion >>> Increased lock-on cursor radius
- Word of Guardian >>> Changed to decrease cooldown of Kaia’s Shield from 1 second to 0.5 seconds upon successful hit to monsters with first hit of Triple Nemesis


- Charge >>> Increased movement skill towards the front by 2 times
- Outbreak of War >>> Change condition reset cooldown of Insane Spearmanship to Outbreak of War 1 time and reset to 2 times
- Swindle Charge >>> (receive after using Outbreak of War 1 time) Increase damage Insane Spearmanship 20%

Modify Items

- Add recipe for Etching in Etching shop
- Remove Titan from Token shop (Dawnstorm, Rampant Evidence)