Master Fishing Event 12/12/2018

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New Update. Master Fishing Event

          New update!! Fishing System on 13 December 2018. Please check more detail Event and have fun.

Event Period : 13 December 2018 (After MA) - 27 December 2018 (Before MA)


Event Rule :   

1.  Player can recieve reward >> [Event] Gem Lure Fishing (Special Bait) and Calaberry Juice (Immediately restores 100 production points)    

    Condition : When player login and play game 5, 60, 90, 120 and 150 Minute, they can recieve reward.

2. The system will send reward to Mailbox.

3. 1 ID receive the reward 1 reward step per day.

** [Event] Gem Lure Fishing and Calaberry Juice has expired on December 31st, 2018 (23:59) [GMT+7]. If the items expired, those items will be deleted automatically**


Reward : 



          When player use [Event] Gem Lure Fishing for fishing. You will recieve [Event] Fisherman's Crystal 1ea and random 1 additional reward from the list below.



          Player can collect [Event] Fisherman's Crystal for exchange to reward. Right Click to open Event Exchange Shop, you can see condition for exchange.

[Event] Fisherman King Gift Box. Can one random item from below list.