How to fishing 12/12/2018

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TERA Fishing

The first thing before you can go fishing is to talk with NPC Waining at map Highwatch. Then you have to accept the quest. The quest will teach how to do fishing. 

You can buy fishing rods, baits, cooking ingredients and cooking recipes with NPC Fishing Supplies.

Moreover, there is NPC Angler Token Vendor who sell advanced fishing rods, advanced baits and other cooking recipes. You need to use Angler Token for exchange. Angler Token can be found from fishing.  

You can be fishing only in specific map (the map which has fish icon showing in mini map). In game have auto fishing

The fishes you get from fishing can be crafted by cooking and you will receive the food that can increase powerful of your character like increase critical, increase HP, etc.

The fishes and material from gathering can sell to Npc Association Fishmonger. You will receive many Gold from selling. You can sell to NPC only 3 pieces per day.

NPC Federation Resource Manager can purchase your fishes and material with Metamorphic Emblem. Maximum is 200 pieces per day.