ELIN Brawler update & Enhance Order 08/11/2018

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ELIN BRAWLER Update & Enhance Order Event

     New update class Elin Brawler on 8 November 2018 and more event. Please check more detail and have fun.

Elin Brawler Update

- You can create new character class Elin Brawler since 8 November 2018

Enhance Order Lucky Chest Event

Event Period: 11/08/2018 (After MA) 11/21/2018 (23:59 PM) [GMT +7]

Event Rules:

1. Collect the item “Lucky Spirit” 3 ea
2. Use Lucky Spirit 3 ea to open “Lucky Cube” and you will receive “Impowered Strongbox Key” 3 ea per one Lucky Cube
3. Use Impowered Strongbox Key to open gacha Popori's Enchantment Scroll Box and Popori's Blessing Enchantment Scroll Box by 1 key per 1 box
4. It will random one of item Enchantment Scroll, you can use those enhance scroll for weapon or handware with Twistshard, Frostmetal and Stormcry set and NO NEED any materials for Enchanting.

3 ea  >>> 1 ea  >>> 3 ea 

1 ea  >>>  1 ea   >>> random 1 ea    

How to find the items

Lucky Spirit can collect from Vanguard Mission Reward in this list

Lucky Cube can collect from Login accumulation event reward in this detail

Event Peroid: 11/08/2018 (After MA) 11/21/2018 (11:59 pm.) [GMT +7]


1. Players have to complete at least one vanguard quest.
2. Click the Icon Event to receive daily item.
3. One ID can receive one reward per day.
4. Login continuously to get item everyday.

Impowered Strongbox Key can collect by opening Lucky Cube or Purchase in TERA Store in this detail.


- Impowered Strongbox Key
- Impowered Strongbox Key x5

Sales Period: 11/08/2018 (After MA) 11/22/2018 (Before MA) [GMT +7]
Price: 200 P Cash and 800 P Cash


Popori's Enchantment Scroll Box or Popori's Blessing Enchantment Scroll Box
can find from boss monster drop in each dungeon in this list.

Item list in Popori's Enchantment Scroll Box (Random one item)

Item list in Popori's Blessing Enchantment Scroll Box (Random one item)