Fly into the Floating island in the area of Exodor 22/10/2019

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     On the dark cloudy day in Highwatch Spring Valley (Val Oriyn), the mysterious object appeared on the sky and people in Valkyon called it “Exodor”. The mysterious object had strange structure and it had purple energy field covered all of area. The Valkyon intended to build a weapon to attack the mysterious object Exodor. Unfortunately, all of weapon and technology seemed to do nothing on Exodor but, reflected back to the original source…and this is the beginning of disaster!!!


“ In the meantime every race must help each other to find the way to Exodor before it brings the disaster to TERA “



     Exodor the place from nowhere, wild monster and Naga clan which disappeared from Arborea for a long time is there too. Or everything relates to the Black Core? The Valkyon believe that if they destroy the Black Core they can stop energy field around the Island.





     The way to Exodor or the mysterious island above Val Oriyn in area Spring Valley. The normal way could not reach to the island but, biologist of Aman creates special Pheromone for insect called Parf. We can ride this Parf to flying through a blind spot of energy field and reach to the island.


[Quest list for entering Exodor.]

  1. 1. Quest : A New Begining
  2. 2. Quest : The Two Banquets
  3. 3. Quest : Nightmare's Begining

    After finish 3 story quests you, will be able to accept Road to Exodor quest. All of these stories are very important and connected to each other.





    Exodor will be separated to 7 zones and each zone has their own environment: Rogash’s Garden, Exodor Farmlands, Iridian Wetlands, Verrak Fortress, Northern Outskirt Area, Southern Outskirt Area and Core Area.




    New equipment in Exodor (Patch V.86) You can find all new equipment in dungeon Akalath Quarantine and monster on Aerial Island to obtain new power.



    - If upgrading failed, it has a chance to decrease by 1.
    - If upgrading failed and equipment needs to be repaired, it requires Refined Duranium Fragment for repairing.
    - If upgrading failed, it has a chance to be destroyed.
    - Maximum upgrade is +15.


• Material upgrade item

 Weapon Upgrade Material
 Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock  + 1 ~ 9
 Improved Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock  + 10 ~ 15


 Armor Upgrade Material
 Dark Shard Armor Feedstock  + 1 ~ 9
 Improved Dark Shard Armor Feedstock  + 10 ~ 15


 Repairing Material
 Refined Duranium Fragment  Repair equipment uncommon grade. (Uncommon)
 Refined Duranium Ore  Repair equipment rare grade. (Rare)
 Pure Refined Duranium Ore  Repair equipment superior grade. (Superior)


    Mysterious weapon skin which discovered in Dungeon : Red Refuge 
    The body of them glows strangely as full of energy. If anyone touched it, they could feel tremendous power. 
     ** Click on the banner for a large image. **



 [Bosses info.]

   1. Akakalash Travan
          One of warrior under Argon Akakalash. It was made by genetic of Kelba to protect the main gate of Berak
   2. Akakalash Kashir
          The tremendous creature among Argon. It was born from part of Asran one of the gods in Arborea.


    Heaven for fishing lover in Arborea, not only a new place but fish!!!

    Some baits cannot be used on Exodor.
Usable Bait  Unusable Bait
 Pilidium Bait  Bait I
 Polin’s Bait  Bait II
 Popori’s Bait  Bait II
 Enchant Mechanical Worm  Bait IV
 Mechanical Worm  Bait V
 Rainbow Bait  Green Angleworm
 Doppled Bait  Blue Angleworm
     Golden Angleworm





    All card can be claimed from quest, monster, dungeon and material gathering!


[Card Book]

  - You can receive book exp from collect a card.
  - If your exp reach to 2,500 your book will increase to level 2.
  - Card equip slot will be increased by your book level.


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